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Synonyms for paragraph

Synonyms for paragraph

a usually brief detail of news or information

Words related to paragraph

one of several distinct subdivisions of a text intended to separate ideas

divide into paragraphs, as of text

write about in a paragraph

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Zuckerberg denies the allegations of paragraph 3 of the Amended Complaint, and states that he launched his web site, "thefacebook.
NAVSEA will not issue an ACN (Advance Change Notice) to remove the requirements of paragraph 300-2.
d) After entering into a purchase and sale agreement, the vendor of a subsidiary may be deemed related to an arm's-length purchaser under paragraph 251(5)(b) of the Act.
This Statement supersedes paragraphs 6, 7, 8b, 12, 17, and 18 of NCGA Interpretation 8, Certain Pension Matters', and amends paragraph 5 of NCGA Interpretation 6, Notes to the Financial Statements Disclosure; paragraph 8 of GASB Statement No.
For many of these students, the "quantum leap" from sentence to paragraph writing and their incapacitating concern with writing mechanics seemed to alienate them from the writing process itself, as a medium that could ever express their own personalities and experiences.
2 'Second-best seller' should not be in quotation marks in paragraph six.
changing the document's paragraph about Internet domain names and other oversight rules, which establishes that Internet governance must be "multilateral, democratic, and transparent," to include the word "intergovernmental"--meaning that all major decisions regarding Internet traffic be subject to governments' approval
Thank God, reason prevailed, and paragraph 13 was completely rewritten omitting the Earth Charter, deprived therefore of the hoped-for legitimacy.
It did not provide national relief as the AICPA had requested, and the language in paragraph five was poorly drafted.
In general, each paragraph or independent unit of text should be converted to a separate art file.
When an author puts a sentence into a paragraph, she is addressing a particular topic.
I think paragraphs should have a little plot, should lead you into something strange and different, tie the knot in the middle, and at the end do a little surprise and then prepare you for the next paragraph.
3) Parents who are both employees of this department and who are eligible to take leave are entitled to take a combined 12 weeks of leave for child care purposes under this paragraph.
The ED also states (in paragraph 11, page 3) that "[i]f quoted market prices are not available, management's best estimate of market values may be based on the quoted market price of a financial instrument with similar characteristics or on valuation techniques (for example, the present value of estimated future cash flows using a discount rate commensurate with risks involved, option pricing models, or matrix pricing models).
Generally, the standard unqualified report contains a new opening (introductory) paragraph, a substantially revised scope paragraph, and an altered opinion paragraph which makes no reference to consistent application of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).