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a colorless or pale brown mica with sodium

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Most intense sodic-calcic alteration is dominated by pervasive rock replacement by siderite + paragonite with associated layered magnetite ores.
(2000): Structural thermal behavior of paragonite and its dehydroxy late: a hightemperature single-crystal study.
The smaller size of [Na.sub.+] interlayer cation in sodic micas as in brammallite (sodium illite) or in that crystallizing at higher temperatures, as paragonite, is the cause of their smaller [d.sub.001] spacings, around 9.6 [Angstrom], in contrast to the 10 [Angstrom] spacing for illite and muscovite containing the potassium interlayer cation.
The Turkey material is from a diasporite and is associated with: diaspore, chloritoid, muscovite, paragonite, titanian hematite, gahnite, "tourmaline," rutile, "chlorite," and calcite.
Moreover, the metahyaloclastitic matrix of some submarine breccias contains paragonite, garnet and kyanite, and fragments in the breccia itself may contain almandine garnet growing around ilmenite aggregates.