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gliding in a parasail

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Local police said, a paraglider from Lahore, identified as Khawaja Shiraz Nasir, son of Major (Retd) Shahid Nasir was flying from Moghlasht to Charira in his glider when it fell from high altitude due to stormy winds.
Meanwhile, members of Hindukush Paragliding Association Chitral expressed deep sense of sorrow over the death of the paraglider.
'A paraglider needs two parachutes for flying because if one parachute does not work he/she can use the other,' Mr Baig said.
He ( told Fox 31 that he whipped out his cell phone to record the incident after his daughter thought his fall was an impressive midair maneuver that the paraglider was trying to pull off.
A dust devil suddenly formed and headed towards the launch area, catching the paraglider and flinging him into the air.
Hill goers reported spotting a number of paragliders near Dumyat throughout the day and noted how the man injured in the accident had earlier been enjoying himself and was waving at people on the ground.
Mandi (Himachal Pradesh) [India] October 25 ( ANI ): Sanjay Kumar Ramdas, a 51-year-old paraglider of Indian descent who is residing in Australia, was found dead in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh on the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday.
The arrow with a gimbal and Sony 4k action camera is attached to the rear lines of the paraglider and held back by a windsock.
A spokesman said: "We were called to rescue a paraglider pilot trapped around 70 feet high in a tree near Llangollen.
A Southwestern Ambulance Service spokeswoman said the paraglider's injuries were "incompatible with life".
A British paraglider has been killed after colliding in mid-air with another pilot during a competition in Macedonia.
A PARAGLIDER has been flown to hospital with serious injuries after crashing at an old quarry site.
One Greenpeace paraglider had flown over Trump's resort, amid a heavy police presence, carrying a sign that read "Trump: well below par #resist".