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area of the retina immediately surrounding the fovea

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Although we cannot be certain that the unexpected events appeared in the fovea or parafovea and therefore cannot for certain claim that the participants who did not notice the unexpected event were actually inattentionally blind, we did find that participants were more likely to see an unexpected event that was consistent with their attentional set for a potentially violent interaction.
They found that by presenting a small irrelevant distractor briefly and unexpectedly at fixation while participants were engaged in a demanding parafoveal task, 50% to 90% of participants reported being unaware of any object at fixation and this rate was even higher than when the distractor was presented in the parafovea.
Six task conditions were generated in a factorial design - 2 perceptual load (low and high) x 3 vision fields (fovea, parafovea, and periphery).
In contrast, in the parafovea and the periphery, the number of cones decreases whereas the number of rods increases, thus reducing acuity significantly.
Asimetria en la amplitud perceptual: Implicaciones para la presentacion en parafovea.
Asi, en una tarea de decision lexica, Lupianez, Rueda, Ruz y Tudela (2000) presentaron a los participantes dos palabras en la parafovea (estimulos previos) y posteriormente una en el centro de la pantalla (objetivo).
In terms of our experimental conditions, the preview denied condition provides the clearest predictions for the split processing model because there is no useful letter identity information available to the reader in the parafovea, which could affect the model's parsing predictions.
In the full preview condition, the target word itself was the preview; in the partial preview condition, the first four letters were identical to the target and visually dissimilar letters (Buoma, 1973) replaced the remaining letters; and in the preview denied condition, all letters from the target word were replaced with visually dissimilar letters and hence there was no positionally consistent letter information available to the reader in the parafovea.
Specifically, in Experiment 3, the compound is present in the parafovea before fixating it, while in Experiments 1-2, there is no parafoveal preview of the compound word.
En el articulo Processing of attended and ignored words in the parafovea, Inhibitory aspects of semantic processing firmado por Juan Lupianez, Maria Rosario Rueda, Maria Ruz y Pio Tudela y publicado en el numero 3 del volumen 21 (ano 2000) de nuestra revista cometimos estos errores de maquetacion, por lo que pedimos disculpas:
identified, but words in the parafovea will not be; instead, partial