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from crude petroleum


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a series of non-aromatic saturated hydrocarbons with the general formula CnH(2n+2)

(British usage) kerosine

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Figure 3 shows the migration of the paraffinic softener of the TPE into the polypropylene.
2]/ISO 32 Paraffinic Mineral Oil systems were stable under the test conditions of this study.
16] studied the devulcanization of GTR using microwave and noted that the paraffinic oil present in the composition of the sample affected the devulcanization process, limiting the sample exposure time to radiation.
The fuel is purely paraffinic - it has no aromatics - so it burns with no soot.
According to the study, Evaluation of Bio-Derived Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene (Bio-SPK), a series of laboratory, ground and flight tests conducted between 2006 and 2009 indicated the test fuels performed as well as or better than typical petroleum-based Jet A.
Omega lubricants are formulated from specially selected, choice quality, highest purity base stocks, usually paraffinic, which are blended with technologically advanced and patented 'Megalite' supplements, unique to Omega.
It is the purest of lubricants, made with a high viscosity index paraffinic base oil.
The fuel blends used include those that are low in sulfur, highly paraffinic or highly aromatic, or that contain RSME.
Interestingly, paraffins also make very good lube oil and the content of the average used motor oil is quite paraffinic.
These tests show that herbicide mixed with paraffinic oil - which is similar to mineral oil - controls johnsongrass better when applied at 1 gallon per acre than it does when mixed with water and applied at 20 gallons per acre.
Thirteen were found to contain air tainted with a group of paraffinic hydrocarbons emitted by wet-process copiers.
com) brings innovative chemical technology solutions to the oilfield fluid separation challenges, specializing in the separation of unwanted emulsions which contain paraffinic or asphaltinic crude oil.
The surfactant was reportedly diluted in 22,000 gallons of water and also included 35 gallons of rock oil, a paraffinic petroleum product used to lubricate the drill bit.
Naphthenic and paraffinic mineral based transformer oils are the most consumed globally.
It is very common to utilize organophosphoms compounds to replace a portion of the plasticizer content, namely phthalates, paraffinic or naphthenic process oils.