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from crude petroleum


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a series of non-aromatic saturated hydrocarbons with the general formula CnH(2n+2)

(British usage) kerosine

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En cas de lame manquante ou de mauvaise qualite, de nouvelles coupes histologiques ont ete pratiquees a partir des blocs en paraffine correspondants.
What overshadowed Gesner's inventiveness were two rival patents awarded in 1850 (UK) and 1852 (US) to Scottish chemist James Young for producing paraffine oils distilled from bituminous coals.
The lightest fractions -- naphtha, kerosene or "refined oil" and "engine distillate" -- were drawn off first, followed by lubricating oils and paraffine waxes, gas oil, and fuel oil (or the liquid residuals), leaving a coke-like residue on the still bottom.
31) Employment of women was restricted to clerical positions, to the "delicate art of packing candles" in the paraffine works, and in the chemical testing laboratories, where "it has been found that girls possess the qualities [required by the work] even in a greater degree than the men.
The Cilacap base oil plant, the only producer of the material in the country, set a production target of 365,680 tons not including paraffine oil 60/100 production of 44,660 kiloliters or an increase of 50%.