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Paraduodenal hernia is a rare condition; however, it is the most common cause of internal hernia (2).
Paraduodenal hernia carries an approximately 50% lifetime risk of incarceration, leading to bowel obstruction and strangulation; therefore, it should be repaired surgically when diagnosed (4, 8).
Paraduodenal hernia is very rare, and preoperative diagnosis is difficult because there are no specific symptoms or physical examination findings.
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In right-sided paraduodenal hernia MDCT can show encapsulated loops laterally and inferiorly to the descending duodenum associated with a small bowel nonrotation; superior mesenteric vessels supply the herniated loops [7] (Figure 1).
Caption: Figure 1: (a) Axial plane, (b) coronal reconstruction, (c, d) sagittal reconstruction of abdominal MDCT exam showing a case of internal hernia, a left side paraduodenal hernia (white arrow).
Paraduodenal hernia is a type of congenital internal hernia, which occurs due to malrotation of midgut to form a potential space through which loops of small intestine invaginate.
Unusual variant of left paraduodenal hernia herniated into the mesocolic fossa leading to jejunal strangulation.
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