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(logic) a statement that contradicts itself

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Building on both Western and Eastern understandings of paradox, we propose an alternative theoretical approach that conceptualizes communication as paradox and paradox as communication.
In both instances, the researcher needs to keep in mind the potential for lurking variables, creating a syndrome frequently referred to as Simpson's paradox (Demers & Rossmo, 2015; Fu, et al.
The Midas Paradox is an astutely researched and presented analysis; whether one agrees or disagrees with its economic conclusions, it provides extensive grounds for examining macroeconomics from a different perspective.
30 October 2015 - Swedish video games developer and publisher Paradox Interactive has acquired licensing business White Wolf Publishing from CCP Games in an all-cash deal, the company said.
THE iconic clock face from Paradox Nightclub, in Aintree, is up for sale.
The first paradox is the election campaign itself; we see him jostled between being a supposedly neutral president and being the Justice and Development Party (AKP) leader.
Farlow presents a number of mathematical paradoxes and in the process explores the phenomenon of paradox itself.
As is common when demonstrating that one computing mechanism is stronger than another, we chose a well-known task the unexpected hanging paradox -that humans were previously unable to resolve efficiently, but can now do so thanks to new knowledge.
But The Brainiac Paradox is not just for STEM professionals seeking greater career success.
It is a mostly non-technical reference and includes favorites like Zeno's paradoxes, quantum mechanical paradoxes, liars paradox, and the chicken or the egg.
Paradoxes of 'wrong intuition' range from Newcomb to naive set theory, to Hempel's paradox and Fitch's paradox.
International Resource News-March 9, 2012--Dravco Mining Inc signs Letter of Intent with Paradox Basin Resources Corp(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
A paradox is called a statement <P> which is true and false in the same time.