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Naturally, such a paradigmatic shift would require a fine-tuning of the traditional US approach to Israel.
You see when I read Wittgenstein's thoughts on paradigmatic birds, the bird that first fluttered into my mind was a yellowhammer and having one of those in your toolbox, or anything like it, can wreak havoc with your home repairs.
The imposition of the paradigmatic can be seen in what is perhaps the most basic language technology, writing.
The paradigmatic reading here is of Neil Jordan's Michael Collins (1996).
This set of six criteria is balanced with two more traditional analytical approaches: generative analysis and paradigmatic analysis.
The association of Helicobacter pylori (Hp) infection with gastric cancer is well known and might be considered a paradigmatic example of the role that interaction among environmental factors and individual background might play in inducing age- associated disease.
In sum, while Paul's conversion is likely the most atypical in the history of the church, what follows is paradigmatic for the faithful of all times and places: the death of the old and the birth of the new, all in Christ.
It is, however, neither the endless permutations of the idea of a common descent nor its paradigmatic force in directing scientific research but its global reach that has made this radical recasting of biological systems a fundamental force defining the way millions of human beings conceive their relationship with the cosmos and its Creator.
Inferiority Myths" (Randolph Meade Walker); examines "Africa, African-Americans and Eurocentric Diffusion" (Charles Jackson); documents "The Utility of Africa in the Black American Struggle: A Paradigmatic Analysis (Tunde Adeleke); explores "Rebuilding Continental-Diaspora African Relations: An Examination of Path-Breaking Trends in Governmental, Pan-African and Educational Linkages" (Victor Okafor); and concludes with "Losing Ground: Historically Black Colleges/University & International Education (Violett Baffour).
This case is a paradigmatic example of one that should be dismissed on state secrets grounds," the government argues in its brief.
A framework based on four paradigmatic questions is developed.
The coronaviruses of carnivores provide a paradigmatic model of how coronaviruses cross the species barriers, adapt to new host species, and change their pathogenicity.
LaVaughn's routine "Artistry in Taps" is the paradigmatic representation of the "Philadelphia style" of the 1940s and '50s.
Eisenman says that the grid of the rooms is 'rotated against the logic of the field, thereby thwarting any paradigmatic understanding of its formal arrangement'.
In this work we will demonstrate the power of this methodology using some paradigmatic examples: the dissociation of the Hydrogen molecule, the isomerization reaction of Butane and the electronic and geometrical structure of Ibuprofen, commonly known as Advil.