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the sound of a drum (especially a snare drum) beaten rapidly and continuously

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--, In Search of the Last Paradiddle; see Capson, The True North Blueprint
I have to say though, that me and big bro Fred will be forever grateful our noteworthy rhythm gene came direct from mummy, who prides herself on being able to deliver a paradiddle on our miniature drum kit.
Does Mr Morris realise that there is nothing more infuriating and boring than having to listen to a drumline warm up for 30 minutes or so when the intricacies of a paradiddle or five-stroke roll are totally lost on anyone other than another drummer (and that's coming from someone who worked in the percussion industry for 20 years).
Did you practice all the time, endless paradiddles?
He will also take in Worcester's Paradiddles on June 1 in support of Vinny Peculiar and the Leamington Peace Festival on June 16 before the Stourbridge gig.
His fingers turned an Airdrie cafe table into a Latin American drumming ensemble; even old ladies stopped and stared in admiration as paradiddles drifted into off-beat samba sounds.
Jayne, of JD Music Promotion and the Paradiddles, Plectrums and Posers music website, explained: "The more children's stories I read, the more I wanted to do something to help.
LIONEL HAMPTON HAD COME a long way from doing paradiddles on the snare drum with the Holy Rosary Academy fife and drum corps.
Because Stepping Out isn't your usual production, on top of the typical blocking and line learning there's the added challenge of learning how to do the Time Step, the Maxi Ford, paradiddles and much more.
For 12 guys more used to making pars than paradiddles the noise could be maddening.
Plenty of paradiddles and hammer-ons, plus a face-melting scree of feedback guitar.
(1992), "The Shifting paradigm research; Paradigms, paradiddles, and parafoils; shifting perspective on the shifting paradigm in marketing research: A new paradigm in Marketing Research".
As I watched, the students concentrated on snare-drum basics: paradiddles, flams, all those things that brought back memories of seventh-grade band.
Francois especially, with his classic French paradiddles on the vagaries of love, attempts to offer a civilized understanding of things.
Cyrille adds snare paradiddles to give a military feel, but this is clearly the song of a soldier with his uniform loosened, a bottle in his hand and a beautiful signorina on his lap.