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Synonyms for process

Synonyms for process

a writ issued by authority of law

deal with in a routine way

perform mathematical and logical operations on (data) according to programmed instructions in order to obtain the required information

institute legal proceedings against

deliver a warrant or summons to someone

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Radiograph of lateral view of the skull of blackbuck showing cranial cavity (a); paracondylar process (b); temporal bone (c); orbit (d); nasal bone (e); turbinates (f); infraorbital canal and infraorbital foramen (g).
Nuchal view of skull showing occipital condyle (a); foramen magnum (b); paracondylar process (c); sagittal crest (d); petrous part of temporal bone (e); dorso-condylar fossa (f); squamous part of occipital bone (g); nuchal crest (h); occipital bone (i); parietal bone (j).
Nuchal crest well developed and arched, running continuously from the paracondylar processes of the exocciptals.
a) Length of occipital (Loc): Maximum distance between external borders of two paracondylar processes.