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Synonyms for parabolic

resembling or expressed by parables


having the form of a parabola


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Our partnership with Parabolic gives Murray Hill Tennis & Fitness the unique opportunity for vertical integration," said Briana King and Sara Reeder, who are co-owners of Murray Hill Tennis & Fitness along with Michael Romeo, Director of Tennis.
Danielli and colleagues give a comprehensive treatment of the parabolic Signorini problem based on a generalization of Almgren's monotonicity of the frequency.
One such project, Parabolic Trough for Solar Energy involves the design and manufacture of cylindro-parabolic solar concentrators.
In [10], the finite element method was used to calculate the stiffness of the parabolic leaf spring, and the effects of materials, dimensions, load, and other factors on the stiffness are discussed.
In this study, we focus our attention on the inverse problem of determining unknown coefficient k(x) in a one dimensional time fractional parabolic equation by semigroup approach.
In this paper, a controllability problems for co-operative parabolic linear system involving Laplace operator with boundary Dirichlet control and distributed or boundary observations are considered.
Optical Surfaces' low-scatter off-axis parabolic mirrors are designed to focus or collimate broadband light.
The article focused on the emergence of parabolic concentrators, specifically the Odeillo solar furnace (pictured) which had just been built in the Pyrenees.
Keywords: Fourthorder parabolic partial differential equations Adomian decomposition method Polynomial cubicspline technique Finite difference approximations Continuous approximation.
The funds will be used to improve manufacturing and assembly of the company's innovative large aperture parabolic trough collector over the next two years.
Gaining increased attention by scientists, engineers, and governments is a method that involves concentrating and storing the sun's radiant energy via parabolic mirrors (New York Times, 2008).
of Oxford), then a subgroup X of G is said to be G-completely reducible if, whenever it is contained in a parabolic subgroup of G, it is contained in a Levi subgroup of that parabolic.
South Africa has chosen the power tower and parabolic troughs as their CSP pioneers.
Most CSP projects currently under construction are based on parabolic trough technology, as it is the most mature technology and shows the lowest development risk.