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Synonyms for parabolic

resembling or expressed by parables


having the form of a parabola


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In parabolic troughs solar collectors reflect and concentrate sunlight onto a receiver which in turn heats liquid in pipes running along the side of the trough.
Speech: Lord Coe The Olympic flame is transferred from a parabolic mirror (right) to an urn to begin its journey
The main disadvantage of parabolic trough is that its relatively low temperatures are less efficient.
The solar collectors (the parabolic mirrors and pipes or receivers), together with a steam generator and two heat storage tanks one cold and one hot make up the solar portion of the system.
Cooper Lighting has introduced a new line of high-performance T8 parabolic luminaires designed for new construction and retrofits.
According to a report in Discovery News, they engineers plan to collect the sun's heat with something called parabolic troughs.
Parabolic geometries 1; background and general theory.
The Parabolic SAR, developed by Welles Wilder, is used to set trailing price stops.
However, our generalization relies on a lesser-known description of these posets in terms of parabolic subgroups.
With glass-free mirrors, a highly engineered space frame that allows compact transportation and rapid field assembly, and new more efficient drive & control systems, the SkyTrough(tm) cuts the cost of the parabolic trough concentrator by 35 percent compared to other commercially available systems.
The technologies analyzed in the report include Central Receiver/Solar Tower, Parabolic Troughs, and the Parabolic Dish.
Beaten, stoned, and executed, the figure of the parabolic slave is repeatedly the locus of corporal discipline and other bodily violations.
Prof Hawking, afflicted by motor neurone disease, left his wheelchair behind during the two-hour jet flight from the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral, Florida, that gives passengers 25-second bursts of weightlessness by making parabolic plunges.
Receivers are a key component of the solar thermal parabolic trough power plants, which will become an important source of power in the future.