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paper made from the papyrus plant by cutting it in strips and pressing it flat

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tall sedge of the Nile valley yielding fiber that served many purposes in historic times

a document written on papyrus

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According to Jacqueline Klinger, lead broker for SCG Retail, who represented Papyrus, "Tribeca was a challenge because the rents have risen a lot over the past few years and because most of the buildings are older, the spaces are much larger than Papyrus needed.
What's remarkable about Grenfell's excavations, apart from the richness of the finds, was his work with native workers, whom he trained to be papyrus hunters, delicately delving into the rubbish and opening up old mummy cases in search of treasures.
The largest member of the sedge family of plants, papyrus grows in mats over water where it forms a floating matrix strong enough to support huts, cattle and small villages, he said.
Topics included environmental control systems, anthropological studies, biological degradation, historical eras, and age valuation of pottery, papyrus, and mummies.
Anyone concerned about suicidal thoughts or about a young person they know should call the Papyrus national helpline HOPELineUK on 0800 068 41 41, email pat@papyrusuk.
You can't imagine how many touristic bazrs have closed," Ali Eis, who paints on papyrus, told a local newspaper.
Some critics said the text's importance was blown out of proportion--there are countless fragments of ancient papyrus writings from the centuries after Christ--while others objected to the secrecy surrounding the owner of the fragment and the lack of any documentation about its provenance.
The latest include the Nash Papyrus - fragments of the commandments - and an ancient copy of the New Testament.
London, Oct 21 ( ANI ): The Gospel of Jesus' Wife papyrus, which has been alleged to be a forgery, seems to be in limbo, as the Harvard Theological Review has pulled the article describing the discovery from their upcoming issue.
The "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" papyrus appears to be in limbo as the Harvard Theological Review has chosen to forgo publishing an article describing the discovery of the document in its January 2013 issue, (http://www.
Building on the success of the Papyrus table lamp line, Adesso added color to the series: blue and purple.
Des fragments d'un livre de l'Egypte antique ont ete decouverts par hasard dans un musee australien en examinant un petit morceau de papyrus parmi des objets en vue d'une exposition, a annonce hier samedi un historien britannique.
The mortuary papyrus of Padikakem; Walters Art Museum 551.
The Edwin Smith Papyrus (2) was written about 5 000 years ago, and is quoted by many.