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calyx composed of scales or bristles or featherlike hairs in plants of the Compositae such as thistles and dandelions

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Llamado erroneamente durante decenios Lisidamo hasta que recientemente Questa (28-29) demostro que, aun siendo el protagonista, no lleva nombre, porque, segun el, se trata de una mascara absoluta y total, la de senex amator o Pappus amator, el viejo lujurioso en su estado puro (4); por ello no necesita nombre ni siquiera representa un rol, es decir, ni siquiera es pater.
As we can see, Pappus reproduces, in more complete and explicit form, the basic scheme we found the scholium to Euclid: analysis is the path from the zetoumenon (what is sought) to the homologoumenon (what is agreed upon, accepted, or admitted).
10) A proposito de la presencia de Pappus en el "Prefacio al lector" de la primera edicion de los Principia Cf.
Although livestock mortality is rare, it appears to be due to enteritis caused by the barbed pappus bristles on the seed, which can puncture the small intestine wall (Philbey and Morton 2000).
From our experience of teaching Synthetic Geometry we have reached the idea that the time, when the fundamental theorems of Projective Geometry (namely the theorems of Pappus, Desargues, Pascal) are to be included in the curricula of the secondary schools, has come.
Dimorphism of achenes is a reproductive characteristic; they are clear, with a small pappus in the center of the capitulum, dark and without pappus in the periphery (Lamberto et al.
Pappus setiformis biseriatus, seriebus exterioribus brevioribus, omnes scabri persistentes; setae pappi interiores plerumque usque ad bases lobulorum longiores.
For instance, in his commentary on Book V of Ptolemy's Almagest, Pappus of Alexandria gave a description of this instrument.
Should the hairy crown become wet at the time of its opening, the hydroscopic pappus cannot spread apart the thistle-filaments needed to increase the disseminule's aerodynamic profile.
Species with pappi were anchored by pressing the seed tips in the sand, leaving most of the seed and the pappus exposed.
Y Pappus, en el libro IV de su Coleccion matematica tambien apela al movimiento en su definicion de la curva cuadratriz.
Fajemirokun reports to Pappus and continues to serve on the GCLT.
Teon amaba los numeros y tenia una mente cientifica, fue discipulo de Pappus de Alejandria, matematico eminente, escribio comentarios a los Elementos de Euclides y a la gran sintaxis matematica de Tolomeo, llamada Coleccion matematica (luego los arabes la bautizaron como Almagesto).
The whole site is usually devoid of vegetation although a mass flush of soft feather pappus grass Enneapogon cenchroides can occur following rainfall after long periods of drought.