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(of plants such as dandelions and thistles) having pappi or tufts of featherlike hairs or delicate bristles

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Plumose setae are present during all life stages, and increase in size and density during ontogenesis; however, pappose setae appear during the postlarval stage and simple setae during the juvenile stage.
Pappose setae are present on the middle article from this stage onward, as shown in the juvenile (Fig.
merguiensis does not sort the sediment as Munida does, but filters them out of the water column by using pappose setae on Mxp1 and on the bases of Mx1 and Mx2 (Hunt et al.
Kigel (1992) found a similar geographic pattern with seed heteromorphic Hedypnois rhagadioloides, which produces a lower fraction of wind-dispersed, pappose achenes in more open, arid sites than in more closed, Mediterranean sites.
The setae of the three endopodal segments are (progressing distally): one simple, one pappose, and three plumodenticulate or pappose setae.