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an American Indian infant


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A young maw ahp A young mother sitting a good 15 feet away, with a baby strapped to her front like some Cherokee's papoose, got up and walked into the boozer, ostentatiously flapping her hand in front of her face.
Ah well, I must gallop back to my tepee as Pocahontas and the papoose will wonder where I've got to.
5 miles long and will run from Ayrshire Road to Papoose Twins Road near Susitna Parkway.
The US Forest Service directed all MAFFS support to the West Fork Complex, an area encompassing the Windy Pass, West Fork, and Papoose fires.
Contemporary newspaper the Courier reported that after arriving at Liverpool the group headed for London: "The party consists of 15 Indians including warriors, squaws and a papoose, an infant in a cradle carried by one of the women on her back.
She was in a papoose so she was a captive audience.
By then, one of Alice's eight cavities had already been treated in a dentist's office using a papoose board to immobilise her from head to ankle with straps.
Jim Moriarty, a Houston lawyer, detailed reports of torturous procedures at corporate-run clinics, in which children as young as 2 are immobilized, sometimes with a restraining device called a papoose, while the dentist inserts multiple stainless steel caps or performs root canals rapidly.
Children and their families can learn about the Old West with Dodge City Sheriff School, performances and craft sessions or take part in the Papoose Pow-Wow.
Products offered include bouffant caps, blankets, infant papoose and children's PJ bottoms and tops from toddler to size 10 to 12.
But now we're talking the relatives of Trigger, Champion, Buttermilk, Thunder, Papoose, Silver, Scout and "the great horse, Fury" (Remember Straight Arrow?
As well as the normal choice of three walks, there's an easier option for younger children - an extra short, part-day walk which is ideal for little legs - and for toddlers, it's also possible to hire a papoose.
In the case of The Back-Up Plan, love blossoms within minutes of Lopez's successful career girl undertaking her first round of IVF to achieve her dream of a papoose to match her designer-label handbag.