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of or relating to or supporting Romanism

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of old A minister was slain because, Royalists allege, he shouted "that the King was a perjured, Papistical king".
7) In a verse epistle, An Answer to a Papistical Exhortation, Bale replies to a papist attack by comparing the papist's poetic powers to those of a peddler: "Everye pylde pedlar / Wyll be a medlar / Though ther wyttes be drowsye / And the lernynge lowsyd' (An answere to a papystycall exhortacyon [Antwerp: S.
A Triumph of Christiania; Or, A Few Observations Upon the Discontinuance of 'Tracts for the Times'; with ESPECIAL Reference to the Papistical Tendencies of Some Proceedings Resulting from Their Publication.
Among historians more directly concerned with the sixteenth century, several are indeed Roman Catholics--Jack Scarisbrick, myself, and, more recently, Richard Rex and Peter Marshall--and this has led to the widespread perception that revisionism represents the unfortunate revival of confessional history, the grinding of papistical axes.
A rumour had spread that were the Concordat to be accepted Serbian priests would have their beards shaved off and would be forced to submit to Papistical haircuts.