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Synonyms for papist

an offensive term for Roman Catholics

of or relating to or supporting Romanism

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He said: 'It accused the Irish Roman Catholic population of taking employment from native Scots, of being part of a papist conspiracy to subvert Presbyterian values and of being the principal cause of drunkenness, crime and financial imprudence.
Other accusations included being a closet papist, undermining the Queen's power and taking the Queen's name in vain.
We are now at Wixford - Papist Wickford - and take a lane signed as a no through road on the right.
That no papist servants, man or woman, shall remain at any place where they do not fish or serve during the summer proceedings;
Do they think we are thrilled by their support for our beleaguered Monarch in the face of a Papist threat, holding the front line of our island state, protecting us from the march of Catholic dogma?
Highlights of the first half were old favourites like Glimpse of Heaven, about Cousins' beloved Devon, and The Hangman and the Papist, written some 30 years ago but still as poignantly relevant today with the peace process in Northern Ireland moving again into another critical stage.
Don John, whom the text unambiguously declares a Christian hero, James now calls "a forraine Papist bastard," and he announces that "I name not DON-JOAN neither literally nor any waies by description" (198), even though James most certainly does name Don John both literally and by way of description.
There were two maypoles set up in my parish, the one was stolen, and the other was given by a professed Papist.
The interest here is in disqualifying the papist promise by calling upon the example of the Jewish promise; the syllogism, after all, ends with the papists.
In the chapter mentioned above, Dillon's thesis is the demonization, by English Reformers, of Latin as a symbol of the papist enemy.
This aspect deserves attention, especially on account of Shakespeare's attitude to the Old Religion for which, many scholars suspect, he might have had a preference, though there is no reason to assume that he had followed his father in dying "a papist.
Then all the people did cry out 'A papist, a papist
Lancelot Andrewes argues that Christians have always borrowed architecture and prayers from the pagans who borrowed them from the Jews, that this is a perfectly acceptable practice and easily distinguishable from papist excesses and superstitions, and that the lineage of church ceremony will incite Christians to worship their true God more carefully and orderly than the heathens did their false deities.
Believed to be a papist, Richard is chased by a gang through the unsavory quarters of the city.
Perhaps I oversimplify; I must have met relatives and strangers alike who were 'catolico cerrado,' who believed in 'sola scriptura,' or who were, as the expression goes, more papist than the Pope.