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Synonyms for papist

an offensive term for Roman Catholics

of or relating to or supporting Romanism

References in classic literature ?
And as we are honest, true, and in a sacred cause, Gashford,' said Lord George with a heightened colour and in a louder voice, as he laid his fevered hand upon his shoulder, 'and are the only men who regard the mass of people out of doors, or are regarded by them, we will uphold them to the last; and will raise a cry against these un-English Papists which shall re-echo through the country, and roll with a noise like thunder.
Different characters speak about it in a positive connotation, and sometimes negative, where [Murdoch] gets called a papist at times.
The sheer artificiality of the story, its many gaps and inconsistencies (including, provocatively, the possibility of Hermione's guilt), "[draws] attention not only to the drama's fantastical status, but also associate[s] it with papist superstition" (24).
Papist prelates worked a bit of a flanker in lining up the chuckling and progressive Pope John XXIII with the mournful traditionalist John Paul II - two saints for the price of one, each appeasing different factions.
At my first coming into the world I had been (implicitly) warned never to trust a Papist, and at my first coming into the English Faculty (explicitly) never to trust a philologist.
It was almost the last wish expressed to me by my late wife, whose judgment I never found at fault, that I should revive my Review, if only for a single year, and prove to the world that my faith has never wavered; that I am still an humble but devoted son of the Church, and that I am, as I always professed to be, an uncompromising Catholic and a thorough-going Papist I have no palinode to sing; I enter on no explanations of the causes of the opposition I encountered from some of my own brethren.
Papist Way in Oxfordshire is a 9 bedded satellite ward in a residential setting that provides services to clients who demonstrate need associated with severe and enduring mental health problems, but able to live in a community setting within a 24 hour nursed environment.
After all, I'm dago, mick, limey, kraut, papist, Prot .
Thomas Peters, Author, American Papist Blog, and Editor of CatholicVote.
Having just referred to the "six daies labor" God bestowed on "the Creation and accommodation of man," Donne enumerates six stages towards the creation of the spiritual man within the English Church: nothing, stone, toad, Heathen, Jew, Papist.
The Tudor era saw a huge overhaul in what people believed in Britain, and the Catholic beliefs were derided as papist superstition.
So what would those long-gone asylum-seekers - that's what they were - have made of an unforgettable day in June a century or so later when the most prominent Papist of all came to town to be given one of the greatest welcomes in our history?
Control points will be at Square Wood Reservoir, Crow Well, Gunthwaite Spring, Pinfold Sewage Treatment Works, the cattle drinking trough in the field at Papist Hill and at Gunthwaite Mill Wheel.
We all need to set out on the mountainous path to the good where we will discover more and more the beauty that lies in the efforts demanded by truth, says serial letter writer and ardent Papist Paul Kokoski.
Among their topics are passion and allusion in Paradise Lost, Satan's envy and poetic emulation, self-sacrifice and heroic martyrdom in the Aeneid and Paradise Lost, nonverbal signs and material pages in the 1645 Poems, spiritual reading in Areopagitica, and restoration polemic and the making of the papist Milton.