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Human papillomavirus and diseases of the upper airway: head and neck cancer and respiratory papillomatosis. Vaccine, 30, F34-F54.
Anatomopathologically, JP shows features of a complex sclerosing lesion for instance hyperplasia, adenosis and papillomatosis (5).
Juvenile recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP) is most often diagnosed in children aged 1-3 years and is a rare disease15.
Histopathological examination of the lesions revealed orthohyperkeratosis, irregular acanthosis, and sporadic papillomatosis (Figure 2).
papillomatosis from an immunocompromised patient with confluent and reticulated papillomatosis, which is a benign skin disorder [20].
Papilloma is the most common benign tumor affecting the larynx, which may present as a single event or as recurring and/or affecting more than one topography, as occurs in laryngeal papillomatosis (LP) [1].
Chronic lesions demonstrate parakeratosis, irregular acanthosis, papillomatosis, epidermal pallor, and a superficial and deep perivascular inflammatory infiltrate.6,7
Although the same virus family is involved in the etiology of laryngeal papillomatosis and laryngeal verruca vulgaris, they can be distinguished clinically and histologically.
Biopsy was taken from the bottom of the lesion, and histological examination revealed a large number of mature sebaceous glands, slight papillomatosis with hyperkeratosis, and acanthosis of the epidermis [Figure 1]b.
Juvenile papillomatosis, also termed "Swiss cheese" disease, typically presents as a firm, mobile mass in the periphery of the breast in adolescents and young women.
Psittacine HV-1 has also been reported to be associated with the occurrence of mucosal papillomatosis and bile or pancreatic duct carcinomas.
Squamous cell papillomas of the esophagus are usually observed as single, whitish, small, elevated lesions and rarely as massive papillomatosis (10,11).