papillary tumour

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Four weeks later, she underwent a re-staging resection, and ureteroscopy revealed a papillary tumour, which was biopsied.
24) The main features on magnetic resonance imaging are a well-demarcated rim enclosing a multiloculated mass and the presence of internal structures consistent with papillary tumour nodules plus occasional features of haemorrhage.
Moreover, diagnosis of papillary tumour was found to be associated with an increased risk of diagnosis for breast cancer for both females and males.
In addition, those diagnosed with papillary tumours and TCC had increased relative risks of developing lung cancer and prostate cancer.
Despite this possible bias there remains an elevated and statistically significant risk of a second primary for those patients diagnosed with papillary tumours, even in the competing risk analysis.
A cystoscopic evaluation on the suspicion of a recurrence of TCC revealed a narrow necked, left bladder diverticulum that appeared to be partially filled with a greyish papillary tumour of about 1.
Part A: Cystoscopy showing papillary tumour in bladder diverticulum during transurethral resection of a bladder tumour.
Seventy-five percent of papillary RCCs are hypovascular, and 90% of all papillary tumours demonstrate a homogeneous or peripheral enhancement pattern.
Also, papillary tumours from patients in Catania more frequently carried the BRAF V600E gene mutation, which has been associated with more aggressive thyroid cancer.
It has been observed that in low-grade papillary tumours and carcinoma in situ of urinary bladder there is increased vascularity.
An ultrasound of both patients demonstrated tumours, which appeared to be typical papillary tumours (Fig.