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(botany) a tiny outgrowth on the surface of a petal or leaf

a small nipple-shaped protuberance concerned with taste, touch, or smell

a small projection of tissue at the base of a hair or tooth or feather

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The dermal papilla is a highly active group of cells, and it is derived from the dermis mesenchyme, located at the base of the hair follicle.
Exogenous VEGF stimulates VEGFR-2mediated proliferation through phosphorylation of ERK in human outer root sheath cells and human hair follicle dermal papilla cells (Li et al.
In 2009, a University of Toronto-based research team discovered a role for dermal stem cells in the dermal papilla (base of the hair follicle).
Three pairs of papilla in pre-anal and one pair post- anal was observed (fig.
Researchers have been >able to take human dermal papilla cells and use them to create new hairs
Miller and Wongrat (1979) created the genus for a goby with a complex transverse papilla pattern resembling that found in some eleotrids (e.
In 6 cases TDLU was seen in the section of base, while 6 cases had TDLU in the sections of papilla and 5 nipples had TDLU present in both separately submitted nipple compartments.
The descriptions of sporangial shape, measurement of papilla length, and length (l) and breadth (b) of 30 sporangia of each isolate were carried out at x400 magnification and their length to breadth (l/b) ratios calculated.
The newly patented Saberry+Cococin synergistic formulation protects dermal papilla cells from stress signals.
In most cases, IPMNs are discovered incidentally during imaging performed for a different indication and appear as a dilated pancreatic duct full of mucin, which extrudes out of a bulging papilla (4).
Some of them can be distinguished by size of the fish; length, shape and texture of the fin; colouration; genital papilla, presence of organ ovipositor and shape of head.
4) If there is agenesis of the dorsal pancreatic bud, a rare anomaly, resultant absence of the body, tail, and uncinate process, as well as the accessory duct of Santorini, and the minor papilla is seen.
Furthermore, the comparison of a single lotus leaf surface papilla (SU & CHEN, 2008) (Figure 4) and an [Fe.
He observed calcium salt deposits in the tip of the papilla in 19.
The healthy gingival samples were collected by surgical excision of a part of the papilla either distal or mesial to the tooth to be removed.