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Synonyms for papery

Synonyms for papery

thin and paperlike

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of or like paper

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Remove from foil and serve immediately (squeezing garlic out of its papery clove skins).
As flowers turn to seed, the papery skirt maintains its attraction, making astrantias one of the most valuable of all herbaceous perennials.
His long bony face reminded Lev of an El Greco painting, along with his delicate hands and tapered fingers and papery white skin.
Pick up the papery files and records and their privacy-compliant archiving within the defined retention period.
It's hard to not love the sweet earthy flavor of a sprout tossed in olive oil and browned until the crisp little edges of the outer leaves turn smoky and almost papery.
It feels solid and not papery, yet the item and the scrap material are easily recycled.
sasanqua narumigata with papery white petals that are edged with pale pink, or c.
Spring bulbs for the balcony, papery in the cold soil.
Fir boughs, asters, papery blue hydrangeas strewn on the lawn, their beauty almost gone.
It is useful if brain, sat-nav and yes, those old-fashioned papery things called maps are used in conjunction with each other.
The papery husks around the fruits become bright orange as they mature and, when the leaves turn yellow and start to fall, they are simply beautiful.
For more information on the NewGen consortium or to submit a white papery visit www.
The Poachet, which is made from a semi-permeable papery fabric and allows contact with water, is very different from other poaching devices, which are made from synthetic materials, the Daily Mail reported.
The pedestrians standing around you, waiting for the light to turn green so that they can cross the road, are losing their three-dimensional solidity and turning to papery shadows.
All I can vouch for is she was papery after my birth.