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Synonyms for papery

Synonyms for papery

thin and paperlike

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of or like paper

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Fir boughs, asters, papery blue hydrangeas strewn on the lawn, their beauty almost gone.
It is useful if brain, sat-nav and yes, those old-fashioned papery things called maps are used in conjunction with each other.
The papery husks around the fruits become bright orange as they mature and, when the leaves turn yellow and start to fall, they are simply beautiful.
For more information on the NewGen consortium or to submit a white papery visit www.
The Poachet, which is made from a semi-permeable papery fabric and allows contact with water, is very different from other poaching devices, which are made from synthetic materials, the Daily Mail reported.
The seeds of maple and birch trees are light and have papery "sails," so the wind blows them along.
All I can vouch for is she was papery after my birth.
Remove the papery outer husks when you're ready to use the fruit, and rinse off the sticky residue.
It is a natural name for them, for they gift flowers with stiff, papery petals.
Lift the latter when the skin on the neck begins to brown and becomes papery, and harvest sweetcorn as it becomes ripe.
Available in pink, dark pink, red, salmon, gold, yellow and white, strawflowers are daisies that have an almost artificial look due to their papery, strawlike consistency.
Sunflowers, the small bushy variety, leave behind a nice little papery globe where the seeds are held.
The shimmering gold efflorescence of the golden rain tree (Koelreuteria elegans), whose large clusters of bright yellow flowers turn to rosy, papery seedpods, is the first to herald autumn.
The papery star of leaves capping the red fruit might be green, but the California strawberry industry is not.
The wasps build large versions of the papery nests of hornets found in North America, and they specialize in breaking into other social-insect nests and carrying off larvae as food for young wasps.