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of or like paper

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manufactures synthetic, paperlike facestock for the label industry, both for pressure sensitive and non-adhesive labeling.
The buzz this year has focused on the commercial implementation of a new digital ink display technology that provides paperlike reading comfort and long battery life, which is reportedly the breakthrough needed to promote increased use.
These paperlike stick-ons are applied at night to the forehead or around the eyes and mouth.
According to plant physiologist Catherine Grieve, sunflowers and snapdragons are among the more promising halophytes, as are varieties of statice (a small, paperlike plant with long-lasting blue or lavender flowers), and Celosia (which has crinkled, oversized blooms with a velvety texture).
Hot pink and coral ranunculus show off alongside ruffled, paperlike Iceland poppies, and a turquoise fluted vase contrasts beautifully with both.
The wrap provides moisture and grease resistance, paperlike feel, excellent deadfold, and good printability It is made on standard cast-film equipment.
In one format, paperlike test strips impregnated with liposomes were placed in a solution containing E.
Nando's Green notes that lots of additional distribution vehicles (such as E Ink, a paperlike electronic display developed by E Ink Corp.
papyrifera: used for producing paper; with paperlike bark pendulous: hanging down; drooping
A white butterfly--its wings large, paperlike and fragile--weaves through banana fronds.
The second reveals only patches of hair after chemical treatment, followed by the paperlike hide on the third frame.
Paper Birch--Betula papyrifera, family Betulaceae; a deciduous, average-sized tree grown as an ornamental in the United States for its white, paperlike bark.
To use it, the farmer or nursery operator touches a newly cut leaf or stem to a specially coated, paperlike membrane.