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of or like paper

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13, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- PaperLike launched an Indiegogo campaign on August 1, 2014, with a funding goal of $1000, in order to raise the funds needed to bring their new social payment system to the public.
Preliminarytests showed that the paperlike supercapacitors have the same energy-storage capacity as commercial devices do.
Hot pink and coral ranunculus show off alongside ruffled, paperlike Iceland poppies, and a turquoise fluted vase contrasts beautifully with both.
The wrap provides moisture and grease resistance, paperlike feel, excellent deadfold, and good printability It is made on standard cast-film equipment.
In one format, paperlike test strips impregnated with liposomes were placed in a solution containing E.
The second reveals only patches of hair after chemical treatment, followed by the paperlike hide on the third frame.
To use it, the farmer or nursery operator touches a newly cut leaf or stem to a specially coated, paperlike membrane.
Product 110594 is a delustering concentrate that is said to impart a matte finish to blown polyethylene film applications The manufacturer says that the product imparts an "appealing paperlike appearance" to film structures when used at a letdown ratio of 2:1.
The paperlike display is much easier on the eyes than a backlit laptop screen.
For years, researchers have worked on thin, paperlike displays that can be folded, rolled or sewn into the sleeve of your hoodie.
Harrier Packaging in Peterborough is a new firm making a three-layer coextruded blown film using a fractional-melt HDPE core and heavily filled HDPE surface layers to give "PaperFeel" its paperlike stiffness and deadfold.
Don't cut off the leaves until they are dry and paperlike, or you'll rob the bulbs of much of their oomph to power next year's blooms.
B) A dried gourd contains seeds and a paperlike pulp.
Jacobson's task was to find a way to achieve electronic control of dots printed on a paperlike sheet--in effect, obtaining a thin, low-power, low-cost display.
The matte side can then be used for writing or printing on an almost paperlike surface.