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Synonyms for paperhanging

the application of wallpaper

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If You spot some air bubbles make a slit in the bubble with a craft knife, insert a little wallpaper paste with a small paintbrush and smooth the wallpaper back down with your paperhanging brush.
Initially the school offered training in seven trades, but by the 1930s expanded its instruction to fifteen: auto-repair, auto-screw, carpentry, architectural drafting, dressmaking, electrical work, foundry work, machine trades, masonry, painting, paperhanging, wood pattern making, plumbing, composition and presswork printing, and welding.
HOW: Smooth the paper across the wall with a paperhanging brush, using the junction between the wall and the ceiling as a guide.
The specific industries with the highest numbers were manufacture of storage batteries, 2,499; painting, paperhanging, and decorating, 626; and mining of lead ores, 482 (Table).
They life in the same community, work side-by-side in the same paperhanging business.