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a boy who sells or delivers newspapers

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Paperboy is a mobile app that features the widest range of Indian newspapers and magazines that is uploaded on real time on to its platform.
He said: "I would like to think I am the world's oldest paperboy.
Now is it open season on paperboys yet, or do I have to resort to bribery like with the last one?
Of course, the range of opportunities isn't as diverse here as it is for those living back in England, a paperboy being a prime example of this.
Now his parents Kenneth and Harriet are backing a campaign to ensure newsagents are aware of their responsibilities for the safety of paperboys and girls.
It's good to see you return to your dancing roots with Nicole Kidman in the trailer for The Paperboy, but your moves seem to have gotten wetter and more naked.
The Paperboy is one of twenty-two films competing for the Palme d'Or trophy at the Cannes Film Festival.
STARS of new thriller The Paperboy, which stars Nicole Kidman, appeared on the red carpet last night for the film's world premiere.
The other paperboy in the photo is James Lowe of Westboro, who came in first in Worcester County.
He said the summer promotion was so successful it will be repeated to encourage more young people to become a paperboy or papergirl.
A former Birmingham paperboy turned top businessman has given a masterclass to city pupils.
1833: Barney Flaherty answered an ad in The New York Sun and became the first paperboy, aged 10.
Once I accompanied a fellow paperboy on a subscriber drive because I wanted to learn how he obtained new customers so quickly.
A PAPERBOY who suffered brain damage when he was knocked down on a busy Midland road is in line for a compensation payout.
Does the paperboy drop it off at the bottom of the trunk?