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Synonyms for paperback

(of books) having a flexible binding


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Oxford: Archaeopress; 978-1-905739-69-1 paperback 45 [pounds sterling].
The first Premium format titles from the Berkley, Jove and Signet imprints of The Berkley Publishing Group and New American Library will be among Penguin Group (USA)'s largest mass market paperback releases of the year.
Heinemann Educational Secondary Division - paperback, June 2000, (pounds 10.
Within twelve months, Penguin had sold a staggering three million paperbacks, but fears the new concept would cripple lending libraries and ruin the traditional hardback trade were to prove unfounded.
Critical White Studies: Looking Behind the Mirror edited by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic Temple University Press, 1999 paperback, $29.
The eBook, which is about the size of a paperback book and weighs 22 ounces, fits fine inside a briefcase or backpack, but it is still a bit too heavy for your hip pocket.
Each book features the insightful content Harvard Business School Press is known for, packaged in an accessible paperback format with an exciting new jacket design.
Toronto: University of Toronto Press; 978-1-4426-1422-2 paperback $34.
Paperback has been trading for 14 years and has developed close relationships with its main clients in the industry, including UPM and Kimberly Clark.
Quercus has announced that it has appointed Ron Beard to lead a new paperback division at the company.
PAPERBACK 'DA VINCI': At last, ``The Da Vinci Code'' is coming out in paperback - on March 28.
Published on the 100th anniversary of the theory of special relativity and the 50th anniversary of Albert Einstein's death, this expanded, paperback edition of The New Quotable Einstein features the scientist's musings on such diverse topics as pets, creativity, music, vegetarianism, family, and many others--including science and mathematics.
Black Roots: A Beginner's Guide to Tracing the African-American Family Tree by Tony Burroughs (Fireside paperback, February 2001, ISBN 0-684-84704-3, $16) An experienced black genealogist presents a comprehensive guide to African American family research for the beginner, using examples from his own work to illustrate solutions to common genealogical research problems and sources most useful to African Americans.
Virgin publishers spokesman Tim Wild said he expected the paperback to be even more successful than the hardback.
do not just take advantage of the latest computing technology, but also incorporate the experience of the historical profession in appropriating for undergraduate teaching two great prior technological innovations of the past 40 years or so--the paperback and the photocopier.