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a clerk or bureaucrat who does paperwork

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The classic way of procurement is to be informed, and be just a paper-pusher.
Eileen Swiderski, 31, has been in the Air Force for 13 years and is a personnel paper-pusher for the 95th Mission Support Squadron.
Finally, it seemed, he had found the right paper-pusher and the cameras should be on their way.
This will also prove tough for our essential frontline staff such as nurses who are being squeezed by the Welsh NHS, yet the paper-pushers in cosy offices manage to receive pay increases without proving their worth.
Send the current modest version of medical spending regulations to HHS, or give insurers free rein to continue spending too much money on bloated profits and paper-pushers and not enough on actual health care," said Carmen Balber, Washington DC director for Consumer Watchdog.
We need to ensure that money continues to be invested in frontline services and health professionals, not back-room offices and paper-pushers.
End of year accounts provided by council paper-pushers had the over-spend at an impressive pounds 1 million.
And, if some London-based paper-pushers have their way, that's the way things will continue.
What Jonathan Morgan fails to understand is many of these extra staff members are not paper-pushers as he calls them, but people who deliver front-line services such as safeguarding vulnerable adults and children in residential care.
THE paper-pushers at the MoD don't know what it is to fight.