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a substance made from paper pulp that can be molded when wet and painted when dry


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There is still work to be done to get over the winning line, and so there is no need to get that famous old paper-mache memento out of the LFC museum just yet.
Their paper-mache creation depicts the leader of the free world with a beleaguered look and a 7-foot-long nose, a la Pinocchio.
The paper-mache shells are meant to reflect the delicate nature of human beings and their weaknesses.
I had pink and white hair and had this big paper-mache seahorse that rattled around my neck.
Visitors can take part in a range of sessions from looking at woven textiles to trying their hand at paper-mache boxes and furniture.
The winning picture was a paper-mache painting called "Aotearoa--Land of the Long White Cloud.
How to avoid the use of clay and paper-mache as a ceiling caulk.
Some children, even infants, were dressed head-to-toe in red outfits, replete with bull-horned caps, while a number of vehicles were transformed into giant paper-mache bulls.
Bright multi-colored paper-mache figures and bowls make up the collection on display.