paper wasp

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any of several social wasps that construct nests of a substance like paper

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Intraspecific defense: advantage of social cooperation among paper wasp foundresses.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Ants and bees are surprisingly more genetically related to each other than they are to social wasps such as yellow jackets and paper wasps, a team of University of California, Davis, scientists has discovered.
And the common paper wasp, like distant primates, appears to have specialized facial skills, Elizabeth Tibbetts of the University of Michigan and Michael Sheehan, now of the University of Arizona in Tucson, reported in Science last year.
This year was a banner year for the European paper wasp and Formosan termites.
For our purposes, we use the term paper wasp exclusively to refer to species of Polistes.
PAPER WASP COMMON paper wasps are slender with long, thin wings.
The paired images included photos of normal paper wasp faces, photos of caterpillars, simple geometric patterns, and computer-altered wasp faces.
Abstract A new species of the paper wasp genus Metapolybia Ducke is described from South America.
Once I watched a paper wasp die on the silver-gray wood of the porch, its abdomen working like a tiny bellows, its delicate wings going through a kind of tai chi to the wasp god, raising up into a tent, and then spreading out slowly in a shiny purple-black triangle, testing all its parts to see if they were in working order.
Dominance hierarchy in different stages of development in colonies of the neotropical eusocial paper wasp Polistes versicolor (Hymenoptera, Vespidae).
The microarray allowed the researchers to simultaneously measure those genes that were most active in the paper wasp brain.
Characters of adult morphology, male genitalia, and nest architecture are combined in a cladistic analysis of the neotropical paper wasp genus Synoeca.
While many social insects have distinct social classes that differ in appearance and are fixed from birth, paper wasp society is more fluid - all castes look alike, and any female can climb the social ladder and become a queen.
Mischocyttarus mexicanus cubicola Richards is a paper wasp hitherto known from the southeastem U.