paper trail

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the written evidence of someone's activities

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He submitted that the EC wrote 10 letters to the Centre in 2014 for funds to introduce paper trail but nothing has yet happened.
It said that paper trail was an "indispensable requirement of free and fair elections".
The paper trail could be consulted in the event of a recount.
Not that it is a paper trail to start off with of course.
The Paper Trail with these additions at present showcases the people and places behind the products, featuring stories and photos from all 13 of Domtar s North American mills.
Paper Trail can also be seen at Wark Town Hall and Mechanics institute between June 5-7.
Jacky Bennett, chief executive of The Paper Trail, the charitable trust that owns and operates Frogmore Paper Mill, said: "The deal has enabled us to move forward with our extensive development plans for the attraction and launch our fantastic new visitor centre.
While Congress looked the other way, many states responded to popular demand and imposed their own paper trail requirements.
A paper trail shows the two owners of Levin and Lawrence Inc.
550, a bill that would require electronic voting equipment to have a paper trail, something 27 states already require and 23 others are likely to require soon.
VOTING MACHINES that create a paper trail, plus regular audits of the vote tallies, would provide an answer.
Any touch-screen system has to have a paper trail, adequate polling places must be located in all parts of a locality, and a variety of other reforms are necessary.
And as electronic data replaces the customary paper trail, risk management experts believe relevant civil and criminal evidence will increasingly be in the form of digital records stored on a computer, server, storage network or some form of backup media.