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a long narrow strip of paper

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In addition to these improvements the RounDrive 30[degrees] degree Paper Tape Brite Framing Nails continue to offer the same benefits they always have including, rigid and compact strips that are easy to handle, reinforced nail heads for tighter spacing, as well as still including the same number of nails per strip for less reloading.
The new model features an environmentally friendly design, with standby power consumption 40% lower than in previous models, and utilizes electronic journaling(2) as well as minimizes the issuance of receipts to cut down on paper tape, thereby helping to reduce the ATM's overall carbon footprint.
Built-in SmartApplets include Beamer, an application for sharing text files wirelessly; KeyWords, a keyboarding and typing tutor; and a calculator with five functions and virtual paper tape.
The staff "had to cut paper tape and then run it through [the telex] to send unclassified] messages to Beijing," he said.
A It sounds like it is old paper tape - not the fibre tape used today.
At the time, telegrams were sent by punching holes in long strips of paper tape and scanning that tape.
Software HP12c provides an optional view of a paper tape (Figure 2) summarizing each of the user entries, allowing appraisers to determine if the information was entered correctly.
Always use tape designed for shipping, such as pressure-sensitive tape or nylon-reinforced craft paper tape.
Medline Paper Tape (compare with Micropore[TM]) is a latex-free, hypoallergenic, highly breathable paper tape providing gentle adhesion for fragile skin.
Remove the paper tape covering from both sides of the adhesive covered block of fringe.
16- or 20-ounce plastic bottle Sheet of paper Tape Sand Moist soil 2 or 3 earthworms Rotted leaves or plants Spray bottle with water Black construction paper
He began experimenting with the diaphragm of a telephone receiver by attaching a needle to it, reasoning the needle could prick paper tape to record a message.
But now the evolution of technology is changing the relationship between cost and performance and, much like punch cards and paper tape, tape-based backup carries a lot of hidden costs and hassles that make it increasingly less than ideal.
Materials: Brown construction paper, oaktag, glue sticks, bright colored construction paper, colored paper tape, oil pastels, crayons, felt-tip markers, feathers, glue.
As a research student in the 1960s I made a small contribution to the beginnings of computer applications in architecture by writing software -- in Fortran IV -- and submitting it on punched paper tape to a mainframe computer that occupied an entire building.