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the route taken when delivering newspapers every day


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In the early hours of the morning of September 26 Mr Knight was doing a paper round on his bicycle," the judge told Hamilton.
The village will not lose out in the new year following the pensioner's retirement as a newsagents' in nearby Corbridge is ready to take over the paper round.
Cut a wax paper round to fit bottom of an 8-inch round baking pan.
In future I will limit my environmental activities to carting my bottles, cans and paper round to the big black bins so thoughtfully provided by the council.
On one half of each rice paper round, place 3 or 4 banana slices; sprinkle with about 1 teaspoon each sesame seed and coconut Brush edges of rice paper with egg white; press together to seal.
From barefooted lads at the turn of the last century, to whizzing round your paper round on a bike in the 80s and beyond, we've always relied on a team of youngsters to deliver our newspaper titles to homes in the region.
A West Midlands Police spokesman said: "The boy was on his paper round when a man asked him to get into the car.
I now have a paper round so I can have money for myself and also help my mum with things.
In fact I've been nagging the newsagent down the road since my son was 11 to see if he could do a paper round.
The closure of corner shops in nearby Caergeiliog and Four Mile Bridge meant the expansion of the paper round, and Mr Grant now delivers to "at least 200 houses" every morning.
When we lived in the Midlands my late father loved The Archers on Sunday morning and used to listen before setting off on a paper round which my dad helped me with for extra pocket money.
A GRIEVING teenager who saved his paper round money to buy a bike had it stolen just a month after buying it.
A SERIAL sex pest has been jailed after performing an indecent act in front of three shocked girls as they did a paper round in Coventry.
Years ago a typical paper round was worth just a couple of pounds each week, but that has all changed now, partly because of the minimum wage being introduced.