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tall sedge of the Nile valley yielding fiber that served many purposes in historic times

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The Chinese pulp and paper plant is located in Rizhao, Shandong Province, approximately 200 kilometers southwest of Qingdao.
Alkaline wastewater from the paper plant is used as an input for the wet scrubber (air pollution treatment equipment), with the two by-products also reused: Gypsum produced is provided to farmers as a fertilizer and recovered ash is used by the cement plant and for road construction.
Ed Brown of Gardner came to the plant 12 years ago after he was laid off from the former Baldwinville Products paper plant.
Since the paper plant is a process industry, its every unit should be available for long period.
KINGSEY FALLS, QC, July 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Cascades announced today, in the presence of Alain Lemaire, President and CEO of Cascades, of Suzanne Blanchet, President and CEO of the Cascades Tissue Group, and David Whissell, Minister of Labour and MP for Argenteuil, a major investment towards the acquisition of a high-tech conversion line for its Lachute tissue paper plant.
A leading paper producer in the world, International Paper, will study possibility to build a paper plant in South Sulwesi.
For one thing, the paper plant has polluted the river with foul-smelling carcinogens.
The company will occupy the former Scott Paper plant in the Roger's industrial park that closed in January when operations moved to New Jersey.
Roger Keady works at Weyerhaeuser's pulp and paper plant in Springfield.
Administration at Cascades says they are prepared to delay the closure of the money-losing coated paper plant, provided an interesting offer is agreed upon.
The September draw will take place next week at recycling giant Abitibi's paper plant in Ellesmere Port.
FSW), Jakarta, Indonesia has selected a Frame 6B gas turbine from GE, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA for the expansion of a paper plant cogeneration project.
In the late 1960s American women formed a picket line outside a paper plant, they formed groups called GASP (Gals Against Smog and Pollution).
P&G, which has its UK HQ in Weybridge, has four main plants in the UK and Ireland--a paper plant in Manchester, a haircare and fragrance site in Northumberland, a laundry, haircare and detergents site in West Thurrock and a skincare and cosmetics plant in Co Tipperary.
The rice paper plant (Tetrapanax papyrifera) is named for the function served by its pith or stem tissue, which is pounded into thin sheets of colored paper in its native China.