paper mulberry

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shrubby Asiatic tree having bark (tapa) that resembles cloth

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Out of all these plants Paper Mulberry shares about 97 percent of the total pollen and its concentration touches the extreme limits of about 40,000 per cubic meter of air at the peak of the blossom season.
Among them, paper mulberry pollen has the largest concentration in Islamabad and its peak season matches with March.
Concerned over the mushroom growth of shanty towns, the dilapidated condition of parks and pollen allergy caused by paper mulberry, the councillors asked for concrete measures to address these issues.
Presently, allergy cases have increased in federal capital owing to the paper mulberry trees as the CDA has failed to take steps to redress the situation.
The conducted study aimed at characterization of biochar produced from pyrolysis of paper mulberry.
Tapa designs, originally scratched on the pounded inner bark of the paper mulberry tree by Pacific islanders to create garments and ceremonial cloths, are simple and geometric, often employing a sort of diagonal grid.
According to a official Mohammad Farooq, Paper Mulberry pollen counted in Sector E-8 was 638, F-10 407,G-6 920 and H-8, 1,308 per cubic meter of air which considered too high.
Although the pollen released from grass does not last long, the situation could worsen because of paper mulberry trees.
itching eyes, nose, and throat adding that Paper Mulberry Trees and hazardous particles in the area are becoming main source of pollen allergy which is harmful for asthma patients.
These included 256 trees of Paper Mulberry as they were not considered environment friendly.
Paper mulberry (broussonetia kazinoke): The extracts of root and bark are potent tyrosinase inhibitors[2, 3] The active moiety has been identified as the pyrocatechol derivative shown at right.
A volunteer with the hospital guild for the past three years, Patti is the president for 1996-97, and has a lot on her plate, especially since she runs her own business, Paper Mulberry, and is corresponding secretary for the Soroptomists.
The most abundant pollen types in Islamabad are from eight plant species - paper mulberry, acacia, eucalyptus, pines, grasses, cannabis, dandelion and alternaria.
Islamabad -- The Federal Ombudsman will hear an important case regarding the alarming increase of allergy patients in Federal Capital mainly due to the blooming of paper mulberry trees.
The Travel Bug travel agency, a novelty shop called Paper Mulberry, Sir Speedy printers, Alacrity Hair and Make-up and B on Main women's fashions are among the shops on the first floor.