paper mulberry

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shrubby Asiatic tree having bark (tapa) that resembles cloth

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He said that considerable efforts have been made by the CDA and other stake holders to get rid of the menace of the paper mulberry trees.
This product is based on a combination of the skin color reducing properties of ascorbic acid and glutathione, the tyrosinase inhibiting property of paper mulberry extract and skin whitening properties of arctostaphylos uva ursi and mitracarpus scaber.
SubheNau has initiated the project to plant 500 indigenous fruit trees across main avenues and important public facilities to replace paper mulberry.
He further informed the participants that spores of various plants that blossom in the spring season including paper mulberry trees which cause allergy to those who are highly sensitive and susceptible to get symptoms ranging from minor flu like ailments to Status Asthmatics.
Dr Aslam said Paper Mulberry trees and hazardous particles in the air were the main source of pollen allergy.
The Travel Bug travel agency, a novelty shop called Paper Mulberry, Sir Speedy printers, Alacrity Hair and Make-up and B on Main women's fashions are among the shops on the first floor.
The Paper Mulberry Trees and hazardous particles in the area were becoming main source of Pollen Allergy which is harmful for asthma patients.
Reply to a query raised by Senator Hidayat Ullah regarding cutting of paper mulberry trees, he said 20,000 trees were removed by the authority and the rest would be cleared gradually within next three years.
To a question she said that in the Federal Capital cutting of trees was not allowed except the paper mulberry trees which cause allergy.
In fact according to medical experts over 70,000 fully grown paper mulberry trees are among the biggest sources of pollen allergy in the twin cities.
The pollen count of Paper Mulberry recorded on Saturday in sector H-8 was 33,813 per cubic meter in the air.
Today's pollen count of paper mulberry on Sector H-8 was 6,795 per cubic meter in the air.
He said the spring season also brings different types of pollens in the air, which cause allergy and seasonal asthmatic conditions and increase in the pollen count of paper mulberry trees is the main cause of seasoning breathing problem in those who have weak immune system.
The Pollen count of paper mulberry recorded on Wednesday in Sector H-8 was per 10,294 cubic meter in the air.
For the last three years, there has been persistence of symptoms through summer because rather than shedding its pollens from mid-March to mid-April, paper mulberry, the pollens of which are scientifically proven to be the sole cause of life-threatening respiratory allergies and asthmatic attacks, now flowers until July, thereby prolonging the agony of patients beyond spring," he added.