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an unrealized loss on an investment calculated by subtracting the current market price from the investor's cost

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2p, narrowing the paper loss faced by the taxpayer to around pounds 3.
6 billion as of June 30 - a 32 per cent paper loss of pounds 10.
However after costs, which included a tax bill of pounds 81,470,it made a paper loss for the year of pounds 16,288.
has created Cambridge Ovation, a Web-based business intelligence system that allows users to replace their paper loss runs with electronic ones, link claims to policies for analysis, and monitor the results of their risk control efforts.
But between the time the deal was struck and the shares were issued, their value had soared, leaving Uproar with a paper loss on the deal.
When EDS stock nosedived in 1970, costing Perot a one-day paper loss of $450 million, he said he would be more upset if one of his children had broken a finger.
He indirectly owns 22 per cent of the firm and has been left sitting on a PS28million paper loss.
The Central Bank recorded a paper loss of 75 million on its gold deposits.
New figures released by the central bank show that it recorded a paper loss of EUR75m on its gold deposits.
Lloyds has escaped much of the recent wrath, but it has been heavily involved in the mis-selling of payment protection insurance and despite a doubling of its share price last year, at just under 55p, taxpayers are still sitting on a large paper loss.
Mechel has released US GAAP financial results for Q2 2012 reporting paper loss of almost 1 billion dollars.
By that reckoning, the paper loss of pounds 1,000 must be offset against the benefit to average household finances resulting from the decision to save the banking system.
We want to liquidate all such holdings, which means a substantial paper loss to the banks, although it would help the company involved.