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dull knife used to cut open the envelopes in which letters are mailed or to slit uncut pages of books

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It stems from the shape of a satin-covered stainless steel paper knife given to design chief Ikuo Maeda, who was fascinated by the way a subtle twist in the metal turned a basic blade into a work of art.
How Mr Dickens twirled his moustache, or played with his paper knife, or laid down his book, and leant forward confidentially, or stuffed his hands in his pockets, or twinkled his eyes as if he enjoyed the whole affair immensely.
Let us say, then, of the paper knife that its essence--that is to say the sum of the formulae and the qualities which made its production and its definition possible--precedes its existence .
The paper knife would appeal to souvenir collectors as well as collectors of paper knives but having a small chip at the end would only be worth pounds 10-pounds 15.
So imagine my disappointment when I found the contents of the letter did no more than to repeat what the email had said, but on 150gsm very nice House of Commons water marked and embossed paper - my MP went from hero to zero faster than a paper knife through a high quality envelope, with a first class stamp
And it's all down to a man known as Speedy and a simple paper knife.
Other examples of the 50 works in the exhibition are a box made out of letters of the alphabet, or a letter box, and a knife made out of paper, or rather a paper knife.
Choi Jae Ik, who leads a South Korean group asserting South Korea's territorial rights over the island in the Sea of Japan, took out a paper knife and a sheet of white paper just before 9 a.
Prize-money is poor, the stewards wield a paper knife instead of an axe, there is no industry publication to keep people at the heart of racing up to date with what is happening, and jumps races are still run with no starting stalls
Mr Pownall said that during his police interview Reid explained how he booked into a London hotel some hours after the killing, took an overdose of aspirin and slashed his wrists with the paper knife.
The most widely accepted account of the movement's naming concerns a meeting held in 1916 at Hugo Ball's Cabaret (Cafe) Voltaire in Zurich, during which a paper knife inserted into a French-German dictionary pointed to the word dada; this word was seized upon by the group as appropriate for their anti-aesthetic creations and protest activities, which were engendered by disgust for bourgeois values and despair over World War I.
He twirled his moustache, played with his paper knife, occasionally leant forward confidentially, or twinkled his eyes as if he enjoyed the whole affair immensely.
Then what you need is a good old-fashioned letter opener or paper knife.
As a schoolboy the 51-year-old was given a satin-finished stainless steel paper knife by his dad - also a former Mazda styling guru - and became entranced by its form.
MAZDA'S design guru was inspired by a simple paper knife he had as a boy for his latest concept car.