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a device for inserting sheets of paper into a printer or typewriter

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And the paper feed trays are all enclosed; in fact the part where the paper comes out stays closed until the machine is ready to print; that's pretty cool.
A paper feed option is available for both GS and GSII models for incorporating an interleaf between individual product pieces.
Finally, the operator must verify correct and accurate routing of the paper and check that the tension is set correctly, before priming the paper feed mechanism.
Offered with a range of options, including locks, forklift pockets and paper feed dividers for grade separation
The clutches, which are available with a choice of torque ratings of 25, 30, and 75 lb-in, can be used in paper feed systems for copiers, collators, finishing equipment, and mailing equipment.
will start producing core components for copiers such as paper feed rollers and photoconductors in Shanghai in June, a Japanese business daily reported Saturday.
The 24V-driven, FTP-639USL001/002 subassembly consists of a 3" thermal printer that can be partially tilted, a cutter that performs full or partial cuts, an integrated paper feed and paper guide section, and a miniature high-speed serial or USB control board.
It supports a variety of paper feed and output options, providing extended flexibility to check processing environments.
Because of this, paper feed rollers require the basic properties of high friction coefficient, abrasion resistance, low compression set and low hardness, within the service temperature and ozone range in which the machine will operate.
They also feature top, rear, bottom and front paper feed paths, as well as a convertible push/pull tractor for precision forms handling.
Tenders are invited for Monochrome multifunction device for printing, copying and scanning of large format documents (Print, copy, scan - A1 area, roll paper feed, network card, connection to a personal computer, printing of documents from portable media (USB / CD connectors).
The new models deliver improved scanning speeds and new paper feed mechanisms offering fast, reliable scanning of not only paper documents but additional items such as embossed ID cards or passports.
Reliable paper feed from advanced 2+3 all- wheel-drive
The Stylus Photo R3000 features a front-loading fine art paper feed which makes insertion easier, reducing the likelihood of damage and removing the need for space behind the printer.