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a piece of paper cut or folded into the shape of a human being

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With the same commendable breadth of topics combined with carefully focused lens of inquiry, the range of texts examined here includes not only the familiar category of books for young readers but films and television shows, paper dolls and flap books, video games and other digital game play, and, perhaps most important, photographs, videos, and commentary created by girls themselves.
The latest additions are AlDub paper dolls of television show sweethearts Alden Richards and Maine Yaya Dub Mendoza, complete with paper clothes, as drawn by Kenji NuNez.
In her poetry collection Paper Doll Fetus, Cynthia Marie Hoffman takes on a voice of the disenfranchised, those made marginal and strange in the world of obstetrics, and creates for them a platform for their extraordinary, often sad stories.
With the URA Doll Kit they can print it on the specialized paper and use the instructions to Voila: The crafter now has a paper doll with arms and legs that move.
Then, I try to install the paper doll where the flex circuit will eventually reside.
Rescued from a genetics lab by her adoptive father, Ariane Tucker has spent the last ten years hiding in plain sight with her secret--Ariane is a human-extraterrestrial hybrid, created by GenTex Labs as part of Project Paper Doll.
One of those long-term volunteers is Kim Jarvis, who on Sunday was running the Beatles paper doll station, which had a constant crowd of children gathered around.
MUSEUM OF MODERN ART * February 26-Jure 11 * Curated by Eva Respini * Since the mid-1970s, Cindy Sherman has been continually reinventing and photographing herself--as a paper doll or a movie character, wearing Comme des Garcons or displaying too many nips and tucks.
Schumacher-Hardy, a Lancaster historian and trustee of the Thayer Memorial Library in Lancaster, will speak on "Surprising Paper Doll Secrets" at a Yankee Doodle Dollers meeting at 6:30 p.
Victorian Wedding Dress in the United States" is an elegant paper doll history that will delight those with an interest in fashion, the evolution of the American wedding dress, and paper doll book collectors.
On the page was the most wonderful paper doll I had ever seen.
For example, a paper doll game allows the player to use her imagination to dress a paper doll, and in the process she'll learn the names of the parts of clothing and why children dressed as they did in colonial times.
Each paper doll feels specifically chosen for its symbolic and evocative meaning, despite the overwhelming numbers.
Paper Doll Publishing will publish 'An Agent's Point of View' in the summer of 2004.
Bunny pulled out a bag brimming with photos, well-preserved pages from 16 magazine, and even a paper doll version of herself.