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a wire or plastic clip for holding sheets of paper together

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( The paper clip started out as a pin that pierced the papers to hold them together.
Scholars such as Lawrence Baron and Alan Mintz corn pelli nglv argue that lolocaust representation and mentorializaticm necessarily take different forms in different communal, historical, and national contexts': isn't Paper Clips testament to that difference, a specific example, as Daniel Magi low sensitivelk argues, "of.
Challenge your students to keep the paper clip within the boundaries of the maze.
But when MSPs started laughing, he lost his cool and threw the paper clip at Salmond who was two desks from him on the front row..
Tie one end of the short string to the balloon, then tie the other end to the paper clip.
Eventually the school exceeded its original target with a collection of 30 million paper clips from all over the world.
He put his red paper clip on the internet to trade and had a response almost immediately.
To do this, take a magnet (if you don't have one, try looking on an electric can opener; these usually have a magnet to hold the cut lid of the can) and rub it on the straightened paper clip in one direction only!
Will the fact that the teachers specifically included the plight of Europe's gay people in the paper clip project have any effect at all?
Why paper clips? When students began work on a Holocaust project in the fall of 1998, they found it difficult to comprehend the staggering number of people--including six million Jews--who had been killed.
Use a paper clip to clean any crud out of the vent hole.
WHAT YOU NEED 1 cup water * 2 cups sugar (plus a little extra) * food coloring * candy flavoring (we like cinnamon, lemon or peppermint) * a tall, clean, glass jar (such as a mayonnaise jar) * clean cotton string * scissors * pencil * paper clip * paper plate
Using strapping or duct tape, attach the bent paper clip (see diagram) to the tube on the outside so the wire extends above the tube.
Compare 9 millimeters to common objects such as a button or paper clip. Name two other items in your classroom that are about 9 millimeters long.