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The dental hygiene students reported they liked the paper chase and that it was helpful as they started clinical experiences.
However, a plethora of Government schemes has led to firms needing to follow a paper chase of grants instead of where the real action should be - the chase to successful growth.
LESSONS FROM A PAPER CHASE (The Japan Times, an English-language daily)
The requirements often lead to many key personnel being tied up in a paper chase, while consequential costs can spiral out of control through the inability to accurately and quickly quantify problems, the companies said.
It really is ludicrous when an issue is raised with them that, rather than look at whether or not it has merit, they try to get people off on a paper chase seeking support from others.
by the USDA, has slowly been gaining supporters (see "The Paper Chase," cover story, May/June 2004).
And unless you want to be involved in an Enron-style paper chase, it's a good idea to store company information digitally.
The paper chase with a difference occurred outside Carrickmacross, Co.
For some, the paper chase involved in managing both state 'Do Not Call" numbers and in-house proprietary lists is getting out of hand.
The toast of Tinseltown's secret gay glitterati and an aspiring poet-playwright, Larson soon met writer-director James Bridges--later famous for The Paper Chase and The China Syndrome.
Edwards we were able to end the paper chase associated with processing 700,000 invoices each year," says Jeff Slaby, administrative manager at early user Cargill, an international marketer, processor and distributor of agricultural, food, financial and industrial products.
According to Robert Samuelson's article "The Endless Paper Chase," the paper check, like so many other types of paper-based information, has defied all expectations and actually increased in popularity during the past generation (Samuelson 1997).
Other major considerations include the paper chase of royalty, IP and branding rights in the agreements it has made since buying out its Unix license from Novell Inc in 1994 for $82.
But can it really make your employees more productive and the paper chase obsolete?
Porter is best known for his successful multivolume autobiography, which includes The Watcher on the Cast-Iron Balcony (1963), The Paper Chase (1966), and The Extra (1975).