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a bag made of paper or plastic for holding customer's purchases

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Before going to sleep he was sufficiently wide awake to put a paper bag over his head to keep off the flies.
SHE rustled across the paper bag, and awakened Benjamin Bunny.
THEN the mouse came out of her jam pot, and Benjamin took the paper bag off his head, and they told the doleful tale.
Now let 's have the nuts,' I said, groping for the paper bag.
If you use your paper bags to tote trash, or however they end up reaching the landfill, they decompose in three months or less, according to the API.
The purpose of the ban on single-use plastic bags is to encourage sustainability by substituting plastic bags with durable and long-lasting reusable bags and paper bags made from recycled materials; as well as reduce costs to businesses, consumers, taxpayers and the environment.
Brian Stuart Mosby Paper bags would be a good idea.
The solution to control plastic bags issue could be tackled through combination of the measures which include: banning manufacturing, selling and usage of non-degradable plastic bags in the country, increasing thickness of degradable bags to 30 microns, promoting use of cotton bags through awareness campaign and rationalizing tariff in favor of manufacturing of paper bags and concession on import of automatic paper bag machinery.
The minimum charge also was added to the ordinance at the request of the Northwest Grocery Association to help retailers recover the cost of paper bags, which are more expensive than plastic ones.
When he started his campaign to promote paper bags to replace plastic bags in early 2010, a Gulf News report drew the attention of many people to his campaign," the mother said.
The Watsonville ban, which will go into effect in December, also places a 10-cent fee on paper bags that escalates to 25 cents after one year.
Summary: AJMAN - A total of 25,000 paper bags were distributed in ten shopping malls and supermarkets in the emirate as the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department launched its green environment campaign dubbed 'The Day Without Plastic Bags'.
Al Zein and Vonita Singh, who have both played pioneering role in this initiative, have already conducted a number of workshops to educate parents, grandparents, teachers and students on how to make paper bags.
According to sources, the paper bags as well as paper boxes and ribbons featuring a wide rage of luxury brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada and Burberry are selling well on websites, but most are imitations.
YOUR correspondent L Molloy, of Crosby, writes in your Letters page of October 28, that they hope the new eco-friendly supermarket will use paper bags.