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small tree native to the eastern United States having oblong leaves and fleshy fruit

fruit with yellow flesh

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We had to push the tractor into the shop when we got it home," Papaw said.
The typical contents of my bag are my mobile phone, iPad and power bank (I use all three so I can work wherever I am); Lucas Papaw balm for cuts, dry skin, lip balm; Avene Spring Water spray; Guerlain Terracotta bronzer that doubles as my compact; my wallet; assorted pens; LV sunglasses; candy, Band-Aids and Neosporin spray for the kids.
A typical PAPAW can sense the torque on the pushrim to generate proper assist torques by motors.
We picked papaw, green bananas, pigeon peas, cucumbers, breadfruit and dug sweet potatoes and carrots.
Grapes from the interior region close to Velvetithurai, rice, onions, chili, vegetables and fruits ranging from the perennial favourites like kankun, snake gourd, cucumber, spinach, papaw, and the famous Jaffna mangoes were selling fast.
The center of the bouquet held three Sweet Unique roses in memory of her beloved Grandma, GanGan, and Papaw.
Scientists at the Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL), VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, conducted a study to examine PAPAW use in the "real" world and to describe manual-wheelchair users' driving habits.
These were the two harshest messages of his papaw, the most inexplicable.
Papaw, or papaya, grows in tropical countries and is available in supermarkets all year round.
My papaw (grandfather), a former Texas high school football coach, will be smiling at home to see me doing this video,'' the 21-year-old pop star said.
He also had the chance to play lead roles in Sampaguita: in Papaw, Mamaw with Lilian Laing and O Kay Laking Iskandalo with Chichay.
Abbreviations: AFO = ankle-foot orthosis; AT = assistive technology; ATP = AT professional; FES = functional electrical stimulation; HFAO = hip flexion assist orthosis; LOE = level of evidence; MAT = mobility AT; MS = multiple sclerosis; PAPAW = power-assist pushrim-activated wheelchair; PHAATE = Policy, Human, Activity, Assistance, Technology, and Environment (model); QOL = quality of life; RET = rehabilitation engineering technologist; SCI = spinal cord injury.
Popov W winging abwab papaw X xylyl Manxman Y yeses Tookytook Barbary Z zinging Susuz </pre> <p>Susuz is a town in Turkey listed in the Times Atlas of the World, and Markian M.
Papaw kept interesting gadgets in his basket--keys, pipe cleaners, funny-shaped pencils, a tape measure, paper pads, seed packets and notes from Grandma.
In Phase II, wheelchair users will evaluate the PAPAW over an activities-of-daily-living (ADL) course to determine its usability and acceptability.