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a freelance photographer who pursues celebrities trying to take candid photographs of them to sell to newspapers or magazines

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For "Teenage Paparazzo," Grenier dips into his celebrity connections to strike interviews with targets such as Lindsay Lohan, Eva Longoria and Paris Hilton, who eventually becomes a co-conspirator with Grenier in manufacturing a "photo op.
Out among the stars, paparazzo Gary Boas has seen it all
Consider the scuffle between actor Robert De Niro and paparazzo Joseph Ligier.
Producer John Loar's production company JLoar Productions has partnered with Adrian Grenier's (star of HBO series Entourage and The Devil Wears Prada) company Reckless Productions to produce the upcoming film Teenage Paparazzo, which will premiere on HBO September 27.
The "high profile" Sydney paparazzo has issued a legal letter to the "Roar" singer, claiming that her Twitter post regarding him is defamatory and that she should take it down.
During a bizarre Hollywood outing caught on camera by ET, Amanda is accosted by a paparazzo and immediately shields her face.
London, Oct 31 (ANI): A paparazzo has apologised for humiliating the burlesque beauty Dita Von Teese by shouting rude comments at Los Angeles airport.
Mr Darmon, the motorcyclist for paparazzo Romuald Rat, also told how the Mercedes took off "like a plane" towards the Pont de l'Alma tunnel as he attempted to follow.
A few days before this interview to promote her new Disney family movie, ``Herbie: Fully Loaded,'' paparazzo Galo Ramirez crashed his minivan into Lohan's Mercedes-Benz as she tried to make a U-turn near the Beverly Center shopping mall - and fellow paparazzi snapped pictures of the traumatized star when she emerged from the vehicle.
Apparently, two of the contestants ran over the cardboard paparazzo while another rammed the car containing the snapper.
1935-45, those paparazzo effects of sensationalism and impudence are crossed with laughter, which destabilizes everything.
Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle's paparazzo woes are not yet over.
Washington, Mar 13 (ANI): Pop star Lily Allen was recently photographed attacking a paparazzo.
Each time you open a celebrity magazine or Sunday supplement and see shots of celebs doing their shopping in a nasty tracksuit, having a bad hair day, buying up half of Bond Street or holding hands with a new paramour, then it's almost guaranteed that the pic was taken on a long lens by a paparazzo who'd been following them, waiting for his chance.
Despite the pleasures of saying "paparazzo" when we mean "taker of candid celebrity photographs," we should understand that the paparazzo is a fiction, not a vocation; it is a complicated cultural construction, composed certainly of recognizable behaviors but also of misty projections.