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(Roman Catholic Church) a diplomatic representative of the Pope having ambassadorial status

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In the normal course of events, before a diocese is about to fall vacant--and this is not a surprise date since bishops must retire when they turn 75, which is right after the year they turn 74--the papal nuncio or someone from his staff should actually travel to the diocese and talk to the laypeople directly.
The exhibition, Held In Trust, will be opened on Wednesday evening by the papal nuncio to the UK, Archbishop Faustino Sainz Munoz.
He will be formally ordained by the Papal Nuncio to Great Britain, Archbishop Sainz Munoz amid a congregation including 27 archbishops and bishops from across the UK and Ireland.
The Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Faustino Sainz Munoz, visited the region for the first time since becoming Apostolic Nuncio - the official term for a Papal ambassador -in London in February 2005.
In Vienna, Monsignor Banach succeeds Archbishop-elect Leo Boccardi, who was recently appointed papal nuncio to the Sudan.
During that meeting with the Cardinal, there were real showings of esteem for Pope Benedict," Papal Nuncio Monsignor Luigi Bonazzi told Reuters.
The proof is a letter written by Pacelli, when he was still the papal nuncio in Germany, to Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Cardinal Gasparri in 1919.
The papal nuncio, Archbishop Donato Squicciarini, praised Cardinal Casaroli as a friend of Austria.
Letters were also sent to the Papal Nuncio and British Ambassador in Dublin demanding a commitment to a `total British military and political withdrawal' from Northern Ireland by June 16.
Letters sent to the Papal Nuncio and British Ambassador in Dublin and Ofwat in Birmingham demanded a commitment to a "total British military and political withdrawal" from Northern Ireland by June 16.
The assembly started with a Mass presided by Papal Nuncio to the Philippines Archbishop Gabriele Caccia at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.
The ceremony took place in the presence of Tourism Minister, Michel Pharoun, Papal Nuncio Gabriel Caccia,MPs Neemeh Tohme and Tony Abu Khater, and Beirut Commissioner Judge Ziad Shbib, as well as scores of political, social, media and military dignitaries.
During the act there was a solemn mass said by the Papal Nuncio of Pope Francis for Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, Piero Pioppo, assisted by the metropolitan Archbishop f Malabo, Juan Nsue Edjang Maye.
This voting, by members of many parishes, resulted in the names of three local priests considered most qualified being submitted to the papal nuncio in Washington, D.
I wish to thank His Excellency, the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Charles Brown, for being in the Cathedral of the Assumption today to announce the good news to representatives of the priests and people in the Archdiocese.