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However, we got the shock of our life to discover souvenir items with pewter or pewterlike pendants of Pope Francis and the Papal Cross that had dangerous levels of lead.
The flurry of crosses that sprang up in the summer of 1998 was a grassroots response to assurances made by Krzysztof Sliwinski, Poland's special ambassador to the Jewish diaspora, that the papal cross would be removed.
But one day the summons was of another kind - that Thursday the principal presented her with the Papal Cross, the highest honour a layperson can be awarded by the Pope.
Just over a decade ago - when Mrs Hopkins was still in her 80s - she was awarded the papal cross.
Just one empty seat was left as people gathered at the foot of the Papal Cross where the late Holy father addressed over one million people in 1979.
But the agreement exempted the papal cross, so dubbed because it was used by Pope John Paul II when he visited and said Mass at the infamous death camp in 1979, and which was later planted in the adjoining field in 1988.
Several dozen Catholics from Silesia placed a 10ft cross and about 50 smaller ones, outside the walls of the camp, 40ft away from the papal cross.
Around 300 marchers gathered at the Papal Cross in tandem with thousands of people around the world in Fight Hunger: Walk The World to collect cash to end the crisis facing millions.
It was all the more galling for those who would have preferred me to go that I could actually see the Papal Cross from my bedroom window.
However, Bein conceded that the removal of the papal cross, put up before the agreement was signed, could be negotiated.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin led an evening remembrance service at the Phoenix Park's Papal Cross, scene of his triumphant visit 26 years ago.
He is still coming to terms with his loss and we witness him scattering the ashes of his lost friend at the Papal cross in the Phoenix Park with his remaining 'angels' at his side.
They will make their way to the Papal Cross at 6pm for a sunset remembrance ceremony, closing the Park to traffic for almost the entire day.
The 5ft mobile wind sculpture called the Papal Cross was given to the city by famous American artist George Rickey, 91, to celebrate the Pope's visit in the 1980s.
A town wept yesterday for the two teenage girl victims of Monday's Papal Cross horror smash.