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What we're looking to do is to tie in more services and added value for our customers, giving them the ability to take care of simple health care needs in a community setting," Panzer explains, adding that the retailer is also testing the waters with routine diagnostic testing, weight loss programs, hearing and derm centers, and telemedicine.
You're not going to waste time putting up a natural/organic label--everybody knows those brands," Panzer points out.
The first Copar Panzer tractor was delivered to a Virginia dealer in July 1954.
The 10th Panzer was a mere shadow of its former self, but its members were hardened veterans.
Panzer, Hersch and Fischer will now focus on leasing the remaining 35,000 s/f of availability at the property.
The German 11th Panzer Division, 48th Panzer Corps (under Major General Hermann Balck), fought the Russian 1st Tank Corps, 5th Tank Army (under Major General V.
Hitler, believing that he was merely facing a diversion, waited until 15:00 hours to release the panzer reserve.
Panzer teamed with producer Peter Davis when he moved to Los Angeles in 1976, and Davis-Panzer Prods.
Mary Panzer and Christian Coujolle provide the essays to compliment Things Are They Are: Photojournalism In Context Since 1955 (1597110140, $75.
Claudia Panzer of Boston University Medical Center and her colleagues.
They were given a fright by the second favourite Panzer, who was rated 20lb lower on the Flat but stuck to his guns and, in the end, Graham Lee managed to persuade Zeitgeist to do just enough and score by a neck.
Panzer made Zeitgeist pull out all the stops at Catterick on New Year's Day.
and my favourite was the Panzer tank So I was, quite frankly, in my element with this game.
WASHINGTON -- The hypoandrogenic effects of oral contraceptives may not be completely reversible after discontinuation of their use, Claudia Panzer, M.
knew the possible rewards of refurbishing a 1959 Copar Panzer, model T-60 tractor.