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Synonyms for pants


Synonyms for pants

underpants worn by women

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And, with Go Free([R]) pants selected to showcase its collection at the star-studded TMG pre-Oscar Luxury Suite at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, there's even more to celebrate.
While perfecting the design and fit of the pants, Andy began to look for fabric that met his criteria.
Cane also revealed that some women think of pants as a masculine garment and find it hard to believe that men are sexually aroused by women in pants that are not skin-tight.
According to Lululemon, the pants represent approximately 17 percent of all the women's pants available in stores, which could mean major shortages.
We'd also like to buy Powell a drink, but only if he wears his new tactical pants out to the bar," Weinman added.
Debenhams These pants are miracle workers at flattening a big tummy.
She set men's hearts on fire with her denim hot pants, cowboy boots and hat.
Collegiate features practice shorts of textured poly mesh, mesh pants with full tricot lining, and embroidered tees in short-sleeve and sleeveless styles.
Tucker, however, identified a market niche that wasn't being offered in menswear: a coordinated line of casual blazers, pants and shirts in a range of colors and styles that could be found at any Oaktree store throughout the country.
The passion that the fans have shown for The Fancy Pants Adventures has been overwhelming and bringing the game to console will give them the best possible platform gameplay experience," said Brad Borne, Founder of Borne Games.
21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Trend Hunters General Pants Co.
It's not the pant itself, it's what happens around the pants -- a sliver of the midriff showing on top, great shoes or accessories that you'll talk about -- but you remember where you got your favorite pair of pants,'' Nasr says.
passed a law that will make baggy pants illegal; administering a fine to any citizen caught wearing the offending garment in public.