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Synonyms for pants


Synonyms for pants

underpants worn by women

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The Norwegians first wore colorful pants in the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.
One adjustment I always need to make on pants is to shorten the crotch length.
Leggings and tight pants are terribly revealing, so they were never worn by men .
Baby pants have always been more expensive than open diapers; this may have been one reason why they were not so successful in the Western World.
Huggies Dry Pants has a lot of exciting surprises for moms
But trying on pants is something many women dread, says Devina Foley, vice president of merchandising at retailer Loft.
Jo said: "We throw Pants and Pounds parties where we have pants donated to the project as well a s money.
Cuff Clamp can be fixed flexibly at any position for pants lengthwise.
A team from Middlesbrough College showed off their pants as part of a national competition - The Pantrepreneur Challenge.
The pants have special pockets to hold everything a painter needs, including a handy thigh pocket for your smartphone.
Mom did secretarial work in those days, and secretaries didn't wear pants to work.
Dresses had been dominant for several seasons - there is appeal in an effortless uniform, after all - but pants are powerful, utilitarian and versatile, and that seems to be what women are craving this style cycle.
PANTS PROB Pants either fit Nellie in the waist or the hips--never both
I never thought I'd write these words but here goes - harem pants are back.
Slightly carnivalesque in its humour, this story tells of the mayhem that is caused when Ant's mother buys him baggy pants, the fanciest pants he had ever seen, but when he sneezed, the pants fell down to his knees.