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distributed throughout the tropics


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All nighttime sightings appeared to be small groups of either pantropical spotted or unidentified dolphins seen within 30 m of the Ewing's bow in Bf 1-4 while the GI airguns were operating.
Phylogeography of the pantropical sea urchin Eucidaris in relation to land barriers and ocean currents.
However, the ranges of the pelagic stocks of pantropical spotted and bottlenose dolphins, which are the stocks involved in the estimation (Table 1), do not span the entirety of the Hawaiian Islands EEZ (Carretta et al.
myrsusalis may be harder due to its pantropical distribution (Whalley 1976).
Por ultimo, la distribucion paleobiogeografica de la especie Otodus (Megaselachus) chubutensis [Ameghino, 1901 a 1902], sugiere que se trataba de una especie pantropical e incluso pansubtropical, habitante de las plataformas continentales e insulares y probablemente fue un poderoso nadador oceanico.
Until recently, the pantropical genus Mabuya included more than a hundred species distributed in America, Africa and Asia (Greer & Nussbaum 2000; Greer et al.
El genero Hoplophorella tiene distribucion pantropical y subtropical; incluye tres subgeneros, de los cuales el mas diverso es Hoplophorella (Hoplophorella), con mas de 50 especies.
For instance, in the pantropical spotted dolphin (Stenella attenuata), the spinner dolphin (S.
It is pantropical in distribution, occurring in Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas.
The dolphins - identified by the boat's nature expert as the pantropical spotted species - were leaping right out of the sea and diving under our hull.
This pantropical fern is frequently cultivated as an ornamental (KUNKEL, 1967: 89; SALVO TIERRA, 1998: 351).
Pantropical (Menzel 1991), con disyuncion afro-americana: Africa (Madagascar, Ruanda, Uganda, Zaire), Norteamerica (Mexico), Centroamerica (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama), Sudamerica (Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brasil).