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Synonyms for pantry



Synonyms for pantry

a small storeroom for storing foods or wines

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While two food pantries now distribute the pet food she provides to them, Ms.
Or they know about the interfaith panels but not the food pantries,'' said Barry Smedberg, president of VIC.
These pantries will not only feed hungry families, they will prevent homelessness by allowing people to use income - normally set aside for food purchases - to pay other bills, such as rent and utilities to avoid displacement," said Lt.
Although boxes, cans and sacks of food still line the shelves at Valley pantries, officials at local charities are putting out the notice this week that more donations are needed.
The United Way serves as the link between the companies, the Food Bank and the many community food pantries.
Maybe the general public doesn't expect to find hunger in the suburbs, especially in towns that seem to be more affluent, like the Westboros and the Northboros and the Southboros, but I can tell you each of those towns has food pantries," said Jean G.
To encourage this spirit of giving, Ventura County supervisors are declaring this as National Food Bank Week and also are recognizing Food Share, a regional food bank serving 211 food pantries countywide.
Jude the Apostle Catholic Church, truck the bread to other pantries, where it can be distributed while it is still fresh.
The youth group at Woodland Hills Community Church will be collecting dollars in stockpots for Souper Bowl Sunday, a fund-raising event that benefits local food pantries.
Food pantries are the final stopping point in our country's safety net.
Clients who visit the pantry in Woodridge now walk the aisles with a volunteer and choose items they know and like, a trend that is growing among pantries.
Your pictures could get your customers excited to customize and improve their own kitchen pantries.
The grants are being made to help the winning food pantries, such as the Chesapeake Cares Food Pantry in Huntingtown, Md.
FOOD IN THE PANTRY: Walmart has launched the Food Pantry Holiday Makeover campaign and is calling on the public to help food pantries across the country win funds for facility makeovers by voting at www.
Pantries operate at Bristol Community College, Greenfield Community College, and UMass-Boston, said Katy Abel, an official with the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.