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mechanical device used to copy a figure or plan on a different scale

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When used on an entire quilt, this quilting style will look similar to a pantograph; however, the design will vary, as you are not following a pattern.
Edge detection and Hough transform [4] are used to process the pantograph videos to find the position of the contact wire.
Sezer, "A Bessel collocation method for numerical solution of generalized pantograph equations," Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equation, vol.
In this paper, we use the new operational matrix of fractional-order derivative via Genocchi polynomials to provide approximate solutions of the generalized fractional pantograph equations of the following form [1]:
In order to make sense of the dynamic behaviour of pantograph-catenary, the cosimulations of a finite element procedure for catenary and multibody codes for pantograph were performed by Ambrosio et al.
All producers of trains are using different designs and positions of pantograph. our aim is to get simple answer, what is more suitable.
Those higher speeds demand greater precision where pantograph and conductor meet, but the track lies on a bed of stone ballast.
"Combined with Scania's hybrid technology, employed fuel consumption and emissions will be cut while the intelligent pantograph ensures that eHighway vehicles are just as flexible as conventional vehicles."
THERE was utter chaos at the suburban Diva station on the Central Railways on Friday after a local train's pantograph snapped, resulting in disruption of services.
For greater efficiency and productivity, the ETR 340/335d series of pantograph reach trucks uses high capacity retention that allows loads to be staged at higher rack levels.
The Jungheinrich ETR 340-335d series of pantograph reach trucks offer capacities from 3,500 to 4,500 pounds and lift loads up to 450 inches to maximize storage space.
In electrified railways, the safe movement of the train is based on the quality of current collection, resulting from sliding contact between a pantograph and an overhead contact wire.
With storage heights that now are typically 35 ft., and load centers that move out to 48 inches to 66 inches for 48 inch pallets, the pantograph mast assembly requires constant preventive maintenance.
Pantograph engravers use a mechanical linkage to guide a rotating cutter as the operator follows a template that replicates the desired design.
Ironwood Designs, a San Jose, CA-based designer and manufacturer of wooden gun stocks, has more than tripled since replacing a manual pantograph with a four-axis CNC router.